A funding services bureau skilled at matching investors with opportunities.

At Manitou (mani-too) Passage, we understand the importance of strategic versus straight money investing.  Placing bets in areas of experience and knowledge allows investors to take active roles in lifting values, either through guidance or synergies with previous investments.  Positions that may benefit a new portfolio company - creating a multiplier effect that lifts valuations of both.  The variety of our deal stream is growing, so we're expanding our investment sourcing portfolio to match it.


What to expect as a member of our sourcing portfolio

  • We schedule an in-person meeting with you to learn about you, your company, your goals.
  • MP will build your target portfolio following this meeting.
  • MP will share our current deal stream to test our understanding.
  • MP will provide introductions to select innovators seeking funding.
  • Going forward we will present only the opportunities where we believe in a synergy for both parties. 
  • MP facilitate follow-on meetings and demonstrations as needed.
  • We get out of the way and let your process flow.
  • In return, we ask for timely communication and swift feedback if there's no interest in a particular opportunity.

Manitou (mani-too) Passage is a shipping lane between mainland Michigan and the Manitou Islands.  This passage can be treacherous and is littered with shipwrecks from those that failed to navigate safely in Lake Michigan's rough waters.  Manitou Passage is your lighthouse for guiding you and your shareholders to safe harbor.